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American TV


He was born diseased with a twisted mind,
His hands his feet his elbows tied,
Sleeps by the day and in the night he crys.
The bastard son of a travelling man,
Conceived and born in a caravan,
Lives where he could and comes out when he can.
Death of a rock star, Played by an actor,
Gotta make a film 'cos he died in a fast car,
With lots of booze, drugs and sex,
Make him up a demi god invent all the rest.
Like character John's been trying it on,
To get his picture in the news,
He took a leap from his pad,
The same place that his dad,
Choked on a video so blue.

This is the land of the free, tuning in to 6.15,
We'll always want but we'll never need...On American TV.
Searching for our liberty, fight the fight to succeed,
Living out the American dream...On American TV.

V for victory, U,S, of A,
Always search for the American way,
Take a bite of the big apple, kick a coca-cola can,
All stand up salute Uncle Sam.
Put a man on the moon now aint too soon,
Another Russian spy puts a spanner in and BOOM,
From Washington to Tennessee,
We put the bullets in the Kennedys.

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