Hi my name is Candy I play bass in the band,
I've got a million people worship me my head in the sand,
I've got a tattoo on my shoulder of a dagger and rose,
Bells upon my fingers and a ring through my nose.
Candy makes a record it's an instant hit,
But not as instant as the hit she got off one little bit,
Might have a tattoo on her shoulder of a dagger and rose,
The ink it might be running be that's just how it goes.

It's getting harder all the time,
Can't even find a word to rhyme,
It's not as easy as it's supposed to be,
Suppose it's best if I leave.

Belly full of serpents and a head full of hurt,
A book of unsung ballads that the critics said won't work,
So she tried this being outrageous,
But the tunes just weren't contagious,
Her face wasn't as famous as the next in line.

Love me, Hold me, Keep me close don't ever let me go,
Like me, Help me, Keep me warm don't ever say no.

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