No little secrets left to compare
No feelings left of me to dare
No worries left for me to despair
Only emptiness

Enticed by the familiar candlelight
I see swaying up ahead
You ask: Was it all for nothing
Do you trust in me. Are you special?
You're the menace of the night
Inquisitive to my request
And I ask: Do you have discretion, assiduity, freedom?

I knew that it was wrong to belive I was letting go
And I can't deal with the vice below
And I knew that it was wrong
I denied you all along

You dissipate while I became an isolated fool
I am the prisoner
You disappear while I'm left here stuck in isolation
This is abandoned love
You dissipate, I'm full of hate
Without hope and vision

To disappear into the cage of solitude
This abandoned love
You dissipate without a hope and vision
You are the prisoner
You dissappear into isolation

Build you cages
Cage of solitude
Build your cages
Cage of solitude

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