Your silver tongue has turned to shit
As time passes on you will wither with it
These are the days you will never get back
You're fucking trapped
We exist inside a wasteland
Rolling fields of agony
Bodies hanging lifeless
In a forest of dying trees
The last great disciple of the human race
Slipping through the cracks of time and space
Your sadness sweeter than a rose
I'll watch you decompose
Paid the final cost
I am the butcher
Everything I see I kill
You have no immediate future
Swallow sorrow's bitter pill
The future isn't open, its bleak and fucking empty
Keep crying to your God he's the one who fucking sent me
Unholy left hand the prophet of doom
Save your tears you'll need them soon
Cower undercover face the fire as a coward
You will be the first the most deliciously devoured

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