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All Things Ordinary

The Anniversary

I've seen those eyes.
I've watched them close at night.
And you breathe out again.
my sisters coming over
and i'm afraid to tell her
secrets that i know.
Painting without colors,
it tends to make it better
it bleaches out the world.

Was it the end,
the end that kept that you up till the morning?
Was it the boy,
the boy who stole your heart?
Summer goes on,
and then dies quick without much warning.
All things ordinary.

Will you stay near me now,
don't leave this town, until we've figured out,
between the two of us,
were strong enough,
I feel that in your touch.

Full from the dinner
but feeling somewhat thinner,
aching in the chest.
Kids behind the windows,
they're calling out the answers
to questions never asked.

I've seen those eyes.
I've watched them close at night.
and what queen comes in
always goes out again.

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