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Giving Up On Love

The Ataris

These past few weeks
I've been confused
Sometimes I wonder if
I'm better off alone

You fall in love
Then break your heart
You fall in love again
Its never ending

I used to have this friend
Who took his fiance
To see billy idol
A couple weeks before
Their wedding day
The chick got backstage
And left my friend outside
Next day she called
From a hotel
Asking for a ride

I guess I'm giving up on love
I guess I'm giving up on love
I guess I'm giving up on love
'Cause it really kind of sucks

And growing tired
Why am I always
So attracted to drama?

So here I am
Grown up at 23
Will someone tell me
What it takes to be happy?

I play in my band
And write a lot of songs
About relationships
And how mine went wrong
Maybe I'll meet that special
Girl along the way
Then she'll break my heart
And leave me crying

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