Most played

  1. A Clockwork World
  2. Alice
  3. Bordeaux After Midnight
  4. Cinderella No Kimi To, Kanzen Ni Kowareteshimatta Oujisama No Boku
  5. Devilish Kidnapper
  6. Exorsist
  7. Merry Go Round
  8. Murder Toy in the Closet
  9. Nejimaki Denki Isu
  10. Nemureru Mori No Hanayome
  11. Nightmare ~ Fuminshou No Shoujo To Kaaten Goshi No Akumu ~
  12. Spooky House
  13. Strip
  14. The Bride Of Sleeping Forest
  15. This is Halloween
  16. Trick or Treat


We do not have any albums by that artist, but you can collaborate sending albums by The Candy Spooky Theater