Photo of the artist The Cruel Sea

The Honey Moon Is Over

The Cruel Sea

Well you can't sleep in my bed no more
Well you can't ride in my car
I won't let you cook for me baby
It's never gonna get that far

Gonna send you back to wherever the hell
It was you came
Then I'm gonna get this tattoo
Changed to another girls name

This just ain't fun no more
Don't know what to say
The honeymoon is over baby
It's never gonna be that way again

Well you can't borrow my shirts no more
You can't make love to me
This ain't gonna be your gig no more
Ain't the way it's gonna be
I should have left you baby
Back in that last town
Cause the kinda fool you made me girl
I'll never live it down

I won't let you share my toothbrush
I won't let you share my life
Sick of you goin' on about
How you'd like top be my wife

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