In a time when mother earth
Gets laid by father concrete
All the trees and all the plants
Will have gone there's no comeback
Concrete chokes our pleasant lands
Lying there so cold 'n' dead
Now we stand in a concrete desert
With no chance to survive

Racing through the concrete jungle
Lookin' for a better place to live
Concrete, concrete grey 'n' dead
Get back to your fountainhead

Lead us to a last island
Where we can live our days
Where we're safe and feel the glory
That once ruled all the world
Where we're safe to find conviction
To start another life
To an island that will save us
Where the last trees have survived

Concrete product of illusion jungle
Concrete downfall of the human race jungle

The human race is in decline concrete takes revenge
Skyscrapers high 'n' proud reaching to the skies
Empty now threaten to break down
Time's healing power is the only cure we all must
Pray for

Human race wake up now
Think of what has to be done

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