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Some Incriminating Photographs

The Faint

passenger leaves
i know, the pictures turned out too clearly
some felt blank
but still others emit true feeling
once he liked it
twice he needed
it was three until he stands believing
the reason he can't pursue it
the list goes on and on
so what went wrong
is your destination dwelling deep inside my all secluded loop
my lungs, will not push for ways to say
my arms are crossing just in case of you
but the difference i couldn't tell
his seams fall out of place when he agrees to pardon
he wakes beneath her glaring stare
he's not locked in anymore
with all these plans and separations
the two weren't burying stones
and what happens near the others,
there is still a shadow Following him around
He's scarred by stalking Through the wearied entrance to his sunburnt heart
Her locking fists remind him Who she wants

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