I asked for the raisin bread but no-one replied
A silence then your mother said as she looked in my eyes
She said "we don't need your kind round here,
You're playing with the mind of my son"
And you stood aside, and looked at the tears
That welled in my eyes

Remembering the night I held that knife close to my chest
As I watched you sleeping there my love never confessed
You said "you don't need to feel this way
Cause I will be here for you"
And you held me still, your warmth always
Will be with me, will be with me

I stood there in my cold room remembering that way you smiled, but all I could see frustration and tears of anger at me
I wished that I could be a girl so I could be with you then
But I kept enclosed the truth he could never know
The truth he could never know

To be a boy, in love with another boy

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