If you have a better offer or if you have reservations,
On the road to my house there are so many temptations,
And far be it from me to have any expectations,
The time is marching on and i'm running out of patience,
Come around, come around
Come around, come around
I cannot remember the last time i saw you smile,
And i won't wait forever, but i'll wait a while,
And far be it from me to test the strength of your will,
When i finally make it 'round i hope i'll be here still

Come around, come around, its only walking distance,
Come around, come around, take the path of least resistance
Come around, come around, stop this heart from sinking,
Come around, come around, come around to my way of thinking

I'm not asking you to come to your senses,
I'm not asking you to come clean, that?s not what i mean
And if you're on your high horse i won't ask you to come down,
All i want is you to ?..(chorus x3 add lib to end)

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