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Hey, I'll be with you always.

They know exactly what to say.
I hate every single game they play.
No remorse for yesterday.
Not rest till I find you. (you're the one I want)
When will you be free?
I'll tell you when you follow Me.
You can hide but there's nowhere you can be to get rid of Me.

You'll be Mine...

Yeah! I'll be with you always.
You learn from your mistakes.
And I won't go away!

Stains on the rest of you may fade, but you cannot stay this way.
I'm a renaissance mayday.
Your conscience sent for Me. (you're the one I want)
Can you push aside all those you hate in your life?
No I don't think you'll do that, My hand stop you dead right.

So I'll stay and pray to you…
Scream your name!

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