You were the last thing I had to hold on to, don't try and cover it up or justify this
Stagger your way out of our lives, you're just as worthless as he is
Your selfishness makes me sick, how can you live with yourself?

What is wrong with you? Where did you go?
After everything we've been through how could you do this?
Your broken teeth and the scars on your face, you really miss that? You really wanna go back to that?
I heard you scream as he ripped you to pieces, smashing your face on the table

I'm finding out, I never needed you to begin with
We don't need their charity, we don't need their apathy
Step aside, this is not your problem, this has nothing to do with you
We will never need you, we'll never need your help
Stay away from me, I don't need your help

All I wanted was to have my family back, to see my mothers smile
To hear my father say he loves me, one more time
Why does everything change? Why can't we go back to how things were before?
I'll never take it for granted, I'll never fight for anything else

I will fight for this, I will fight for everything
So go ahead and shut us out again, pray that someone takes your place
You are worthless
You are worthless
You are worthless
You are worthless

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