At night, the storms gripped our fleet
Arctic monuments burst asunder
Never surrender the choir of gods
With beasts on our side we enter land

Do not ever dare to roam the sacred grove unchained
Now, as your path is lost

Hordes o hordes
Destroy the temples of the north
We shall set sails ahead!

We are now presentees on the ship of the fertile vanr
Offered a fest of slaughtered goats
Bare the precious marrow, bawl with strength
Midgard is ours, ad arma!

Surrender your limbs
To the wrath of midgard's defenders
Now, as your motion flags

Hordes o hordes
As bones of the beasts of burden crack
We shall set sails ahead!

Barren shores loom
Wretches bark at a devoured moon
Now, as the wolf's unleashed

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