I'm walking home one winter night
As the party is over I try not to think about you
Now I can't wait for the morning light
Cause the feelings inside me they totally ruin my mood

Crazy I know
But I'm scare to fall
In a place I've been to before
Not a part of my plan

I'm falling out of control in love
For the first time
Girls, don't be loosing your head with love
No no
Keep him at a distance
Guarding your position
I try so hard but love will always get its way
Why me why now?

It's gone too far
No I can't rewind
Though my conscious is calling me
I'm finding it hard to refuse
No one resist as I confide
Don't go feeding the fire
And it's slowly burning you

I may not know
Where I'm heading for
So I think I better get wise
And just enjoy


Ooh why your running don't hide
Ooh when is there any time

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Written by: Alex Cartañá / Hannah Robinson / Paul Statham · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
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