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Boogie Boy

The Stooges

I'm a boogie boogie boogie boogie boy
I like to play around with boogie toys
I need a boogie girl to boogie too
I need a boogie god my shoe to chew
I like to make a dumb ass noise
Because I'm a boogie boogie boy

Now every morning I wake up at nine
I'm eating cheerios with red wine
I'm reading that book but it's not too good
'Cuz my boogie head is made outta wood
It's a fact I get so much joy
When I can go out and be a boogie boy

Like to eat spaghetti with tomato sauce
I like to eat clams with Spanish moss
I like to go down to mash potato town
Cuz that's where a boogie boy can get
That's what I do
I like to make noise
I like to go out and be a boogie boy

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