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The Strokes

Can the dark side light my way? Oh, yeah-eah
Lay your hand across my face, yeah-eah
Time we lost, that's all my fault

Please don’t be long, 'cause I want your love
I don't have love without your arm
Life is too short, but I will live for you

How did this fit in your story? Yeah-eah
Why'd you let them judge your body? Yeah-eah
I'll be waiting there outside, yeah

Please don't be long, 'cause I want your arm
I don't have fun without your love
Life is too short, but I will live for you
You're mucking off, but I will live for you, my selfless love

Bite my tongue and wait my turn
I waited for a century
Waste my breath, no lessons learned
I turn and face the enemy

I'm not scared, just don’t care
I'm not listening, you hear?
He's never there, but I don't care
I can't tell you what and where


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Written by: Julian Casablancas. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Sent by Amanda. Subtitled by Lesinhovski. Revised by 3 people . Did you see an error? Send us your revision.