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Tina Turner

The Verve

Could you take a life for me?
I’ll roll it on a summer breeze
Don’t you ever, don’t you ever
Let it give no kick to love

Oh, sometimes in the morning
I wanna see you
Sometime in the morning
I understand

Imagine if you’re cracking up
Moving in and out of frame
Never let me down again
Like a fool I just go running in

Oh oh oh sometimes in the morning
I wanna see you
This is the moment when I’m starting
To impress ya
And I’m stuck

I’m coming down
(Your expression of love, yeah)
And now I want you to know
I’m coming down, yeah
Yes I’m waking up now
Run as fast as you can, yeah

I’m coming down, yeah
Oh love, oh oh
My love, my love, my love
My love, oh oh my love
Oh my love, oh oh
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh

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