They told me the streets were all paved with gold
But these dirty sidewalks are gray and concrete cold
They said neon lights were a beautiful sight
But how 'bout the one blinking in
My room all night

And where's the magic in this magic town?
Where's the good life they said could be found?
Where's the magic to make all my big dreams come true
I gotta find it, girl, before I send for you
I gotta find it, girl before I send for you
I gotta find it, girl, if it can be found
Before I bring you to (to coda)

They said in this town you get rich in no time
But here I am and I'm down to my last dime
I just don't know why I bother to try
When nobody here gives a hang
If I live or die

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Written by: Barry Mann / Cynthia Weil. Isn't this right? Let us know.