Tell me that you need me now
Send my doubts on out to sea
Let 'em sail away and drown in their own misery

Say it to me one more time
Engrave it there in my mind
Tell me that there ain't no love
Without you in my life

Do you mean it now?
There ain't no guarantee
Am I lost in you?
Are you lost in me?
Or is it a fantasy?

Come on destiny
Take me away from me
Let me prove
That I can love any way you can feel

I don't believe in goodbyes
This is just another try
There's only you
And me till the end of time

Go on and write your songs
Go get your therapy
Well that may work for you
But that don't work for me

I'll write you this love song
That no one else can sing
Now it's a part of you
Now it's a part of me

'Cause you are my fantasy

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