Listen, here's another hard luck tune
Joe lost his job and now he just drinks in the afternoon
He just sits on the porch, staring out at the blue
Toastin' the day 'till the day goes away then he's toastin' the moon
Oh, so his wife up and left
Just a little too soon, for Joey

Jolene she ain't had no easy ride
When Joe lost his shit and his heart seemed to split when she stood by his side
And Jolene, well you know she ain't no Nun
She drank in the car and she'll dance on the bar
And she's still as hot as the sun
Oh, she hopes and she prays that he'll pull it through
Oh, how her feelings ebb and flow just like the rivers do, for Joey

Joey rolls up his sleeve, I still got your name tatooed
The ink's faded and grey, but it's still serenading you
And a love so true, ah for me and you, Joe and Jolene

Jolene your all I ever had
It's understood, your the only thing good, in my world filled with bad.
Jolene, without you I'm all alone
Your my love, your my wife with you in my life well I'm always at home
Oh, I'll put the bottle down, I'll get straight for you
Oh, now that you've come home let's celebrate with one or two, to Joe and Jolene

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