I'm heading in through the front door
Bobby's in the back
Looking out
Ski masks and. 44
Another score
Another silent town

My heart is going to burst right out of my chest
Stay calm, take the money and leave
Get your ass on the floor boy
This is a motherfucking robbery

The clerk springs up like jack in the box
Looks like we got a hero over here
Bobby clubs him with his. 44
He goes down, the coast is clear

Empty the till, steel a lollipop
Blow the camera off the wall
Burnout in the parking lot
Laughing, hope the wheels stay on

The clerk rushes out with a shotgun
Glass floods the backseat
Bobby still laughing like a maniac
We're lightning on the street

An off-duty cop sees everything
Races to his car, pistol drawn
Radios for back up
Buckle up
The chase is on

Bobby's hanging out of the window
Guns blazing hell and steel
The cop returns fire, blows a tire
Crash, wrap around a tree

But I fly from wreckage
Grab the money, my gun and flee
Bobby charges the fuzz
Like a wrecking ball
Gets blown clean off his feet

Calling all cars and the cavalry
Flashlights, hounds and gas
There ain't nowhere to hide son
You're surrounded, gonna get your ass

I vanish in the woods like a miracle
Vamoose, I'm gone, I'm free
Never to be seen again
Hands up, this is a motherfucking robbery

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