He brushed against her dastardly
Son of a catastrophe
Well he shot the lights right out of her eyes
He took her by the hand
Helpless within his command
He ripped her heart out of her chest
And put it with his

He got a crazy heart
One beat from the very start
He thought it only moved the blood
She never even dreamed of love
Now it's rushing in like a flood
No doubt that he's the one
And it's only begun

Shall we go on
Shall we go on

They got their names tattooed
The cursive sloppy and crude
His on his arm and hers on her breast
In a heart it reads jolene + joe
Oh now the whole world will know
No matter how near or far
They're never apart

Their folks say they're crazy, too young and too proud
Well this ain't no love story, this ain't allowed
They say Jesus deny them, though they've done nothing wrong
Well they knew themselves all along, you have to just stay strong

Shall we go on
Shall we go on
Shall we go on
Shall we go on

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