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Mix up, start, stop, start, wait a minute... shut down
Losing the plot, losing the plot, losing the plot 'til there's nothing to
See but the ground
Head inside a rut - it's like my mind is shut, i hope i cope this time
Drink and drugs will only amplify (oo-oo)

(well) i still got my music, so let's give that a try
Sounds that can soothe you, and sounds that can move you and improve you

Caprice [x6]

Help me see this pain doesn't matter - i'm fine
No-one get me, i don't get me, no-one get me, i don't get me, i just need a
Little time

Head inside a rut, the mental link is cut, i'm holding on for life
No-one knows quite what to really say, guess they wouldn't make a difference

Friends they can use ya, well friends they can use you and abuse you child
But never be denied, like the circles in the sky, heaven ain't rolling,
Rolling, rolling...

Caprice [x5]

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