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It's All Up To Me

The Wildhearts


I'm not saying that I know I've just been here
Before it's one of those things where the
Scratches heal and the scars don't show

And if trouble I see then trouble I'll get
There ain't been a kind of trouble designed
That can kill me yet

I'll never let you know 'cos I never know when
It begins
The climb, the test of time, the best design
And it's free

And it's all up to me, I just need to be reminded
It seems to be unkind that I blame it on you
When it's all up to me, I just need to be
Reminded, it seems a bit unkind that I blame it
On you, when it's all up to me
I ain't about to let it be, that'd be crazy

They say the harder they come they say the
Harder they fall this one's hard as a hand
Grenade in a cannon ball and if trouble I see
Then trouble I get they're gonna have to
Take the best of me 'cos I ain't done yet

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