From out of devils dance I came.
To bless you all with hazy shame.
I bleed for all of you, so nothing saves me here.
For all who ever breathed fear.
I'm with angels flying near.
I'm also humanized with a sorrowed heart of ice.

I know I'm running through these weeds.
Tripping in one of my secret dreams.
I think I'm dancing were others danced before.
As I see transparent stinging flies.
Keeping me here in my own mind.
I must be searching for others of my kind.

They spin me round in a rotting womb.
They let me see inside this tomb.
That I am bittered and I'm nothing that they like.
But I have plans yet still untold.
To buy me in a land of old.
A beautiful grave to hide my dreary soul, inside.

Let us prey for better gods.
And let us live in better worlds.
That we may dance tonight in heaven with our dead.
Mother of all that we are longing for.
Bring us on to heavens shore.
And build a cross with us, for all that we have lost.

When your death would bring a newborn star to burn
Day would gloriously dance for night will never return.

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