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Rumors, empty, sunset, wooden floors in
My house, careful, i'v been like this before
Shut down, baby, sunset, open door in
My mind, envy, lying, fucking whore
Spiral, tempting, craving, private parts and
No time, cheerful, i loved you since we've met

Feel my mouth against the cold skin you're shaving stuff you own
When our bodies slowly meet bells are ringing in my ear

Emails, answer, tell me what you know i
Want to, papers, such a pretty show
Husky, husband, money on the floor in
My house, oh no, i'v seen this all before

Where are you tonight?
Watching all the movements
Giving up a fight
Watching all the brave one go
Come into my life
Accidents and bathroom talk
Where are you tonight?
Just wanted you to know

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