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Dialog From "And When He Falleth"

Theatre of Tragedy

[Male Voice]
That cross you wear around your neck;
is it only a decoration, or are you a
true Christian believer?

[Female Voice]
Yes, I believe - truly

[Male Voice]
Then I want you to remove it at once!
- and never to wear it within this castle
Do you know how a falcon is trained my dear?
Her eyes are sown shut.
Blinded temporarily she suffers the whims of
her God patiently, until her will is
submerged and she learns to serve -
as your God taught and blinded you with

[Female Voice]
You had me take off my cross because it

[Male Voice]
It offended no-one. No - it simply appears
to me to be discourteous to... to wear
the symbol of a deity long dead.

[Male Voice]
My ancestors tried to find it. And to open
the door that seperates us from our Creator.

[Female Voice]
But you need no doors to find God.
If you believe....

[Male Voice]
Believe?! If you believe you are gullible.
Can you look around this world and believe
in the goodness of a god who rules it?
Famine, Pestilence, War, Disease and Death!
They rule this world.

[Female Voice]
There is also love and life and hope.

[Male Voice]
Very little hope I assure you.
No. If a god of love and life ever did
exist... he is long since dead.
Someone... something rules in his place.

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