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Tatoo Of The Sun

Third Eye Blind

I believe everything you say
'Cuz you're not frightened
The way I've been so
So i follow you
Just incase you loose your way
So glad you let me stay around
The chain linked fence you climbed
To make forbidden lake our own
Your's and mine
And with ease of the sea gulls
We cut the engines and cruise high
In the summer sky
Now I could speak the everything
But there's no roomfor my voice
When sweet feed back is Jumping through the hoop of you ear
Ring there goes the phone
And then you're off again
On what the caller brings
So I went and trashed myself at the bar
Confused for nothing thinking you'd be there
I'm so embarrassed
'Cuz it's you who comes to take care of me
Shambling home again with you to lead
And it's not the way i want to go
And i'm mad at you
and i'm mad at me
talking endlessly
not a kind word to say
'Till your amber beads of wisdom come
And i want to write it down
Just the way you said it
So I could keep it always
I can't forget the smell
of summer trees at midnight
Bending backwords to pleasse the wind
You touch the tatoo of the sun
On a warm belly that once carried a baby for a while
Then let that crackled leather jacket round you fold
Red face saints monogrammmed in gold
An din this beauty i would not go any further
'Cuz i suddenly rembered
We can't live this way forever
Idle daylight
I'v never caught you in a lie
not until now
i feel somehow
the passing of these days gone by
what will you do when the feeling that you have is through
i need to know'cuz i've never stop hanging on you
and it's times like this that i dread
when there's everything to say
and nothing left to be said
to be said
and it makes me sad...

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