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Love On Your Side

The Thompson Twins

I hear you laughing in some other room
And it makes me feel locked out
You say my passion often stifles you
And you need to move about
But I was taught that boys need girls and girls need boys
You say that's not true
You'd rather fool around than be alone with me
Well, that's alright for you

'Cause you got love, love, love on your side
'Cause you got love, love, love on your side
'Cause you got love, love, love on your side
'Cause you got love, love, love on your side

I've bought you sentimental roses
But you gave them all away
I've played you all my favorite records

Then we spent the night in talking, talking all the time
You sent me home
I was so surprised to find that after all
It doesn't hurt to be alone

Well all the things you say make perfect sense to me
Somehow I'm still unsure
Then I catch myself going through the same old rhapsody
Rap BOY rap!

And I don't understand just what I'm doing to myself
I guess that's nothing new
'Cause when you meet someone who doesn't follow all the rules
It changes everything you do

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Compuesta por: Alannah Currie / Joe Leeway / Tom Bailey. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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