They say it's all gone
It's just the beginning
They say it's a dawn
Well it's just another morning

Run through the hours, the days, and the endless years
Run for the shelter and hide
Reborn and become, strong and undone

They say there are so many ways you can live your life
But they will never learn, there are gazing eyes, they
The way you have chosen, the things you have always
Sometimes aren't righteous, sometims aren't clear
Just keep going on, without fear

Break the emotion, run into the eye of the storm
Break the emotion, and you can feel the hellfire
Break the emotion, desire for vengeance is rising
Break the emotion, you're dancing on the wire
Your fall is higher
If you break your emotion

They say you're wrong and they're right
But it's only illusion
They say five up without fight
It's their institution

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