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A Hole In The World


In this blackout inertia will hold our thoughts
And the exit sign offers no light to see by
Can we cast our shadows alone in the dark
I can't see without you

When the world is crashing down
Part with it, start again
When the world is crashing down
These notes will fold themselves

Standing at the margins end
to see where the daybreak ends
You can find compassion hear
but the page turns too fast

We fell in this hole that opened up
givin up on hope, lving without love
And we still type black lines
When the world is crashing down
These notes will fold themselves

Adjust the aperture to focus on the negative
Like phosohors in the darkroom ignite'
Like dodging faces in the corner of the print
Frame by frame this hole is opening up and we fall in

There's no such thing as whole
There is a hole in the world

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