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Please Remember Me

Tim McGraw

All our tears have reached the sea.
Part of you will live in me.
Way down deep inside my heart.
The days keep coming without fail.
New wind is gonna find your sail.
That's where your journey starts.

You'll find better love,
Strong as it ever was,
Deep as the river runs,
Warm as the morning sun.
Please Remember Me.

Just like the waves down by the shore,
Were gonna keep on coming back for more.
Cause we don't ever wanna stop.
Out in this brave new world you see
Oh the valleys and the peaks
And I can see you on the top.

Repeat Chorus

Remember me when you're out walking
When snow falls high outside your door
Late at night when your not sleeping
And moonlight falls across your floor.
And I cant hurt you anymore.

Repeat Chorus.

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Written by: Rodney Crowell / Will Jennings. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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