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Here We Come So Wave Your Hands
For Missy Magaloo, and Timabaland
We Gon' Show You How To Party Right
So Pass The Ughh To Get The Hype
Alright, We Gon' Party Tonight


If You're Livin' For Love, Start Livin' For Life
If You're Havin' A Baby Than Make Her Your Wife
If You're up In The Club
Where The Dubs Like A Bank
Sell To The Highest Bid
Put The Cash In Your Bank
Girl I'm Lovin' Your Booty
If You "Whoo" To My Blow
Than Kiss, But Please Honey Chid Don't Kiss
All I Want Is A Freak When I'm Up In The Club
Maybe After The Dance, Dinner Sharp, The The Tub
I'm A Nigga With Class
You're A Girl With A Job
Tastin' My Neck Like Corn On The Cob
I'm Second To None
I'm Freaky As Ever Go Downtown
Well, I Never


Well I'm The Man That They Call Timbaland
He's The Bir-Ba-Bir-Ba-Bird Understand
We Gon' Party Until The Sun Comes Up
Bartender You Forgot To Fill Up My Cup
Ain't No Stoppin' Until The Draws Start Floppin'
Ain't No Beef Unless The Disc Stops Jockin'
She Said This, And He Said That
And He Said That Timbaland Can't Rap
But I Don't Care Because I Make Dope Tracks
I Make You Bounce And Wiggle And Do This And That
Timbaland, Where You Live At
VA, Baby Beleive That


Now I'm Rich, I Once Was Poor
If You're Late With My Dough, Then There's No Show
I Grease My Hair And It Still Don't Grow
Feel My Butt, Boy You Gotta Go
Out The Back, For Touchin' My Back
For Tryin' To Jack Every Timbaland Track
Magaloo, Where You Was
They've Been Bitin' Our Style Those Silly Bugs
Where's The Spray, Ima Spray Em' Good
So The Next Time They Bite They Die Like Uuuh
I'm A Roll Up The Biggest Dutchie
Get Some Sweets, 'Cause I Got The Munchies


Girl When The Bar Open Up Five Rum
Everybody Wanna Get Buzzed Get Some
9 Out Of Ten All Girls Wanna Feak Me
Just Gon' Depend On Who They Wanna Feak
Don't Gotta Floss, All Girls Know They NAme
Only Near Chillin' In The Club No Game
Brotha Mad At Me Cause I Got Cheddar Cheese
When The Club Close Got HIs Girl On Her Knees
Oh Man Please Learn The Two Degrees
Degree Number 1 Keep Yo Hon Off Trees
Degree Number 2 Keep Yo Girl 'Round You
Never Trust A Girl Lord Knows What She Do


Tricks - Is What I Got In My Bag
Hits - Is What I Make In My Lab
Ritz - Is The Crackers That I Eat
Bitches - Is What A Man Don't Need
Rubber - Shows I'm A Careful Lover
Stutter - Is What I Do In Trouble, What


My Man, Timbaland
He Makes Beats For The Streets
Se Me And Magaloo
In The Back Rollin' Trees
Gettin' High Off The Funk
Tell A Nigga What You Want, HEY

Now I'm In The S-L-K
I Roll Up The Window So The Do Won't Sway
Spray My Hairspray So The Waves Obey
So When I Say Stay Them Bitches Stay
Oh By The Way Me And Timbaland
We Got The Beats To Make You Dance


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