Sitting in a living room in a condo
Gazmo's on the rug with little Cassy-O
Gazmo's gettin nervous
Cassy wants to sample the dog. She says:
"Bark, howl, do what you like
But if you're going to growl, just growl into the mike
We're gonna play a game called sample the dog"
Sample the dog...

There's a new age family out in North Carolina
A dog named Jamaica, a daughter named China
A son who plays in a band called Sample the Dog
Third world music on the stereo
Dust on the keys of the piano
& China's in the kitchen tryin to sample the dog
Sample the dog...

Now Cassy can't read & China can't write
& the Board of Education mumbles in the night
A prayer for our nation: "Lord let us
Sample the dog..."

The exact same thing is happenin today
In a million homes across the USA
Everybody's workin, tryin to sample the dog

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