Painted a picture, skies are falling down
Can you feel it trembling?
The end of the rainbow dream
To kill with love
It is time to die

Souls colliding with the heat
All the shades that will lead (to) darkness
The pain, the pain

Now you dance to my rhythm
And trancemission declare an emergency
Welcome to the new age
Radioactive, the satellite's down

Earthquakes to shake this petty ground
Flowing rivers into blood
Wonder why, you never saw the signs
To pull you through
This all ends tonight

Somewhere in the distance
You can see the burning sky
Getting closer and no escape
It's too late to cry

I will make you understand
You were my perfect dream
So I gave you everything
But all was just in vain

Judgment innocence
Liar warrior
Justice vengeance
Evil purify

Now the time has come
Mercy I will not show
Madness, destruction
Reaping what you have sown

Never wanted this
Oh, how I miss
I love you so
But now it's time to go

Angels of the apocalypse

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