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Way Thru


You're so deaf and
all those words i say
go right thru you
all the stars in my sky
shine only for the blind
when it pounds
it is deafening
to all t hat surrounds me
so anxious
can't even wait til we can begin

i'd love for you to pick me up
on your way thru
if you're gonna pass by
i'll wait up for you

in a space out of place
it's the same old story
it'd take more than any of you
to corrupt my pace
obvious but i know that
this won't take very long
from NY to SF
from the tide to the moon


i am watchful now
i could break your will somehow
there's not need to panic now
at all
if you were to come around
we could literally surround
i'm still waiting here

CHORUS til end.....

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