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Don't Be Afraid


Why do you feel we just can't go on
We've been in love for such a long time
Have O done something terrible and wrong
That make you wish you weren't mine

Or is it that you found someone else
Or have you found a love that's true
I'd rather make you happy. I'll be myself
But just remember I love you

Don't be afraid to leave me all alone
It doesn't matter any longer
Don't be afraid to leave me alone
For one day my heart will be stronger

I don't believe it now it seems so clear
That you'd deceive me with another
Please don't expect me to shed my tears
For I don't need a sometime lover

I hope you're happy that's my only wish
Cause for you I will always care
I'll forget you but it's your love that I'll miss
But who say love is always fair


Forget all about me for I know that you're confused
I'll get by without you doesn't matter - win or lose
I had my chance to hold you now you tuned and walk away
too bad our romance didn't get to live just one more day


Girl just go on
It doesn't matter any longer
Just walk away
For one day I will be stronger
Girl just go on
It doesn't matter any longer

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