(featuring O'so Crispie) I Bet


Na na na na na na na (x 4)
Na na na na na na na (x 4)

{T-BOZ}[Verse 1]
I, I wanna change my number
Cuz you, you still be callin' my number
You want everyone to think that you're so over me
I, I know I got you open
And you, I know you were probably hopin' that
We could maybe get together
That's all that I can see

I bet you're still thinkin' 'bout me
I bet you're still thinkin' 'bout me when you're with her
Cuz you still be callin' me at 3:45
And I can not believe that you are still around

{T-BOZ}[Verse 2]
Boy don't knock on my door
You know I don't want you no more
I bet your boys don't know
That you were actin' like a fool
Thought you was cool without me
But you can't do without me
I hope that your girlfriend knows that your callin' on my phone


Since you've got so many confessions
Why can't you admit that you were stressin' me out
I'm just glad I learned my lesson
I can't let you back into my life
I'm so much happier now

{O'SO CRISPIE}[Verse3]
Now I bet your thinkin' of me
Yo girl it's O'so Krispie
Check it,
My lifestyle is cool
Yea you're thinkin' of me
But I ain't thinkin' of you, shoot
Cuz I'm smooth like that
Check tees, pretty face
You'll remember that
Oh, you chose her, you can't have this back
So just remember this picture in my Cadillac

{CHORUS x 2}

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