The Invisible Parade

Tom DeLonge

All laid over
This pain will drown out the sun
Mother I'm coming home
But the war has just begun
All the boys will await the arising tide
On a pier with a traveled gun, I
Like the adrenaline, it's like a fucking drug
Mother I'm coming home

I've discovered
Dreams that speak in tongues
Mother my mind it runs
'Cause the war has just begun
Every night I can hear the approaching high
In a hole but I fear I'd run, I
Got a thing for the edge of life to come undone
Mother I'm coming home

Old and tired
Scarred and bruised to the bone
Mother I'm coming home
And the war has just been won
All my friends can await the big ships to arrive
But I'd rather not join the fun, I
Need a minute to maybe soak in the sight
Of the town that I came from

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