Now i know...
Now you gave me reasons to care
Yes i will believe in my own way
To my hopes
Are they gone astray ? no...
Stars, they make me feel with you
And all we dream about will come true
Can you feel the same way too ?

I will be, there for you everyday
You will be, the one who blow my troubles away
Come with me, walk away from this word

Let's share that life
Light up the candle of tomorrow
Make me raise up, and i will always
Keep the window of my heart
Wide open for your needs
Whatever they may say or do
You belong to me, and i belong to you
No there's no lies and i always remind it yeah !

I will be...

Ho i know some day
Our love may fall apart
Then who will cast away
Tears of my broken heart
Just like before
When i could learn to love you more

I will be...

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