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Double Rainbow

Tom Jobim

The rain is falling on the roses
The fragrance drifts across the garden
Like the scent of some forgotten melody
This melody belongs to you, belongs to me, belongs to no one
See the way the crimson petals scatter when the wind blows
Ah! The secret sigh of love that suddenly the heart knows
See how a robin's there among the puddless
And, hopping through the misty rain drops
He's come to tell us it is spring
Look at the double rainbow
The rain is silver in the sun light
A fleeting fox is in the garden
Rain sweet lovin'mother rain
That soaks the earth
That swells the streams
That cleans the sky
And brings the blue
See how the jasmin tree is all in flower!
The little brook of clever waters flows into a vast river
Ah! you belong to no one
Ah! you belong to no one

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