Boy I got this crave,
Your touch got me dazed,
This feelings out of control.
Boy you're on my mind,
Need you all the time,
I gotta have you tonight.

Verse One:

Feenin' for you baby,
I am needin' hope you don't say maybe,
Give me all that I am cravin' baby,


I never settle for less,
Cuz baby they're second best,
I've gotta have you tonight.
Desire's getting so strong,
Oh baby I can't hold on,
What can I do if I can't stop the crave?

Repeat Chous:

Verse Two:

My body's achin' for you baby,
Come home to me, I am cravin',
...lovin' baby
I want you, I want you tonight.

Repeat Bridge


Boy only you thrill me,
Not another can fulfill me,
Baby baby, you're my cravin',
Gotta hsve your lovin' tonight.

Repeat Chorus till fade

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