I think you need to think back,
When we were sexin' each other.
Tell me what you wanna do, Come on.

Verse One:
Say you don't wanna press rewind,
Think back to the times when sexin me,
was the only thing on your mind.
Look at me eye to eye,
And tell me you don't want what you used to get tonight.
Boy I remember just what you like,
And for you boy, been keeping it nice and tight.
Waiting for this moment to come with you,
So press rewind to when you was mine,
And tell me what you wanna do.

Press rewind, give it to me again and again,
What you say, baby,
What you wanna do.
Let's unwind, what you say baby,
Give it to me again and again,
Say what you wanna do.

Verse Two:
I'll ask that all that you told me,
Unleash those curious thoughts come see.
Three times a freak, you need to press rewind,
To think of all the things that I used to do to you.
Just rewind, yeah, yeah,
To find out all the things that I learned you.
Think about the last night,
Then tell me what you wanna do.

Repeat Chorus twice

Baby tonight we're gonna do all the things,
That you want me to do.
Let's take our time,
Never ever wanna let you go.
Give it to me nice and slow,
You'll never forget,
'Cause after tonight you're gonna be all mine.
So press rewind and think of me,
I want you to be with me.

Repeat Chorus

Outro by Carl Thomas:
Baby you know, you can press rewind,(Carl)
Again and Again press rewind,
Girl, do you remember when you were mine?
Tell me what you wanna do,(Carl)
When I loved you and you loved me,
Let's start over this is how it should be.

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Written by: D. Jones / Mario Winans / Sean Puffy Combs / T. Williams. Isn't this right? Let us know.