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Who Is It? (Interlude)


*"No one else" plays in background*

*telephone picks up, dial tone, inside call button press in, dial tone, numbers dialing, phone rings*

Diddy: Hello?
Keisha: What's up?
Diddy: Who's this?
Keisha: It's Keisha from Total
Diddy: What's up?
Keisha: Chillin
Diddy: What?
Keisha: The Total new shit
Diddy: *laughing* Yeah, i know
Keisha: Yeah, what you doing?
Diddy: I'm just here in the car
Keisha: What type of music?
Diddy: The Total new shit
Keisha: *laughing*
Diddy: Why are you calling me?
Keisha: I'm calling you about that nigga
Diddy: What did you do at him?
Keisha: Mmm... nothing, i'm just...
Diddy: What you just?
Keisha: I'm just... put off a gun
Diddy: What the fuck are you doing at him?
Keisha: I'm just shooting at him
Diddy: Why?
Keisha: Why? Because is a bitch!
Diddy: You fuckin crazy?
Keisha: Nigga, you fucking crazy
Diddy: So what?
Keisha: So, we gotta see
Diddy: No
Keisha: What?
Diddy: Oh, yes
Keisha: We just later
Diddy: OK
Keisha: Bye
Diddy: Bye

*clicks, dial tone*

Keisha: *laughing*

*telephone hangs up*

Keisha: Alright, let's go *echoes out*

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