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Ark Of Suffering


You think it's alright to destroy god's creation
They don't have a voice so who cares how we're treating themhere
If you read his word you should know that he blessed them
I know your defense is to say: God said dominate them"

Do you think dominate means to kill just for sport?
Wear the fur from their backs
Train them for circus acts
Take our pets to be gassed once their "cute" age has passed

Don't you see in their eyes how they trust us?
But man in his sin turns that trust into horrible pain
When god says to man, "give account of your life's work"
We must be prepared to reply, "your creation I loved"

Locked behind steel cage
Forced to take drugs we've made
Cut them up just to show
What we already know

Before they die
Who will hear them cry?

Genesis 1:20-30
Habakkuk 2:17
Psalms 145:9, 16-17
Psalms 150:6
Exodus 23:11-12
Jonah 4:11
Proverbs 12:10

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