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I Like Your Style

Tower Of Power

I remember the first day we met
That's the day I'll never forget
You came into my life, made everything right

I remember the first time we touched
Never knew that I could love so much
You ignited the flame, and I still feel the same

I like your style (I like your style)
I like your smile (I like it baby)
I love your heart and I loved you right from the start

I made a wish upon a lucky star
Someone special just the way you are
That wish came true, oh when I foud you

I can still see that star shining bright
With this love there's no end in sight
It's just you and me, we're destined to be


Each day is new (I like your style)
When I'm with you (I like it baby)
It's more than on the a, gettin' better in memorylane

There's only one thing that I'd like to do
I want to spend my whole life with you
Till death do us part, because you captured my heart

Chorus 2x

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Written by: Emilio Castillo / Nick Milo / Stephen Kupka. Isn't this right? Let us know.