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Reach out, numb and i cant see
Black out, guess im the one that cant breathe
His ass layin on freezing,
His skin, venting releasing
Rewind, just no never know whats behind, does any body know trust?
In fact, has any body seen me?
Look back, life was but a day dream.


Are all my loved ones breathing?
And does it matter at all?
If i was paid enough to fall, i'd find the answers
And now my backs against the wall, forever
Big world and i am feeling small, more slow than faster
And i know i dont have it all... together

Today, everybodies slacking
And then, wishing i was, back in, highschool, where everything's easy
Who cares just how were teasing?
In fact, now that its the present, im relaxed, everybodies stressin'
I dont know if i can take this, i some how gonna make it through


What you see is what you get
Must i remind this every sceond of my life to everyone who cant seem to find their own?


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