I'm gonna fight
even though my life is burning
everything's gonna be all right
even if there's no returning

In silence I'm watching
I feel the world around
So restless staring deeper in the night

Like a far away sun when the fire is low
Like a fading star I'm burning out in the cold
Crying in my blacksong

I'm lonely - Aging fast down the road
Only in my dreams I'm hiding
Till I'm buried naked and old

I'm waiting... watching
I see the world around
Forever reaching deeper for the light

Like a faraway sun when the fire is low
I'm a fading star burning out in the cold
And I'm crying out my blacksong

Distant kingdoms like sparks on the sky
So many visions they come to you and I
The shine of the future gives no hint of peace
For this torn world there can be no release
Hold on... and all that is beautiful dies
Hold on... I'm standing here asking you why
Hold on... I must believe to rise in the blaze
But I'm tired in me running blind in the haze
Hold on... and everything powerful fades
Hold on... all that is young will age
Hold on... touched by evil darker than coil
No salvation for the warrior soul
But I'll keep on fighting... coming home... oh yeah
Crying in my blacksong

In a faraway sun when the fire is low
Just a glowing star fading out in the cold
Dying with my blacksong

Black... black... turning black
Crying in my blacksong
Crying in my blacksong

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